Ideas and feedback


This Web site is always under development as the Web is itself all over the world. Unfortunately I am no HTML specialist neither for Java. Anyone of you who has good suggestions for design and contents of these pages should not keep it for secret - instead of it you are asked for your feedback. All hints given for sincere reasons will be appreciated.

These pages are developed with several generations of MS FrontPage and tested with the browsers MS Internet Explorer 3.0B2 (before Jan 01, 2000), Netscape Navigator 4.7 and MS Internet Explorer 4.01SP2. Should other browser display these pages like a catastrophe, please give me a short message. To be able to hear the background sounds you have to activate Java within your browser!

I did not use any frames up to now in most cases even this would be more up to date, but there are browsers and development tools which cannot deal with it so very sufficient. You get optimal display results with a screen resolution of 1024x768 with at least 64k colours and big fonts in my opinion.


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